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The Woods Equipment Company is advertised as existing as the attachment expert and largest independent supplier of top quality equipment and genuine replacement parts based on information obtained. Farmers, landscapers contractor, estate owners and others choose Woods products and equipment for the compkete durablity and performance of the products according to research information. The Woods company has been in business according to research for sixty years. They are headquartered in Oregon, Illinois.

The Woods Bush Hog is manufactured by Woods and is used for a multitude of operations in tractors, cutters, rotary cutters and brush mowers based on information obtained. The Woods Bush Hogs are relied upon by their owners to be dependable and reliable when in operation based on research information.

Bush Hog, Inc. is the leading brand North American producers and manufacturer of rotary cutters, landscape tools, finishing mowers and tractor-mounted implements used in the agricultural industry. Located in Selma, Alabama for almost 60 years, Bush Hog's products and modules have earned an enviable reputation for their durability and ruggedness in the most challenging work environments. The Bush Hog brand is synonymous with adjustable rotary cutters and the act of cutting itself, having created and invented the brush mower over a half-century ago, and is often used as a generic word or term to describe a rotary cutter or the cutting of a field.

Messicks is one of best Bush Hogs leading distributors, and the most its experienced selling over the world wide web or internet. They have merge and taken BushHogs online parts catalogs and extended them to give and provide online pricing, availability, and easy ordering. Whether customers are a hobby farmer, do-it-yourself cattle rancher or specialized hay managing and producer, Bush Hog has a model for your specific application and size of operation. Raking widths measurements and range from 4' to 33', while Tedders cover from 10' to 17'. All built to give you with unrivaled performance for years of demanding service.

The E-Bay website features a Woods Bush Hog BB60 Rotary Cutter tractor at a list price of $1,790.00, the implement is 60", has a new brush bull, cutting width is 60", cutting height range is 1" to 9", transport width is 64" and the deck length is 70" according to research information. This Woods Bush Hog also has an overall length of 96" including the tall wheel, has quick hitch compatibility, weighs 604 pounds, has 12 guage thickness, 11 guage side thickness with a slip clutch driveline based on research.
There is another Woods Bush Hog available on E-Bay which is described as a Woods 3180 Batwing Bush Hog Mower/Cutter/Brush Mower, used, is field ready, fully operational, has a 15 foot cut and functions as intended, all based on information obtained. This Woods Bush Hog can be bid on at the E-Bay website as are all items there based on research. There is a Woods BB60 Bush Hog advertised as being used less than two hours advertised by Yakaz from Craig's list at a price of $1,350.00 based on research information.

E-Bay also offers a used Woods Bush Hog described as a Woods 1231 Bush Hog 10 ft, Twin Cadet Cutter/Brush/Mower for $3,500.00, being sold "as is" without warranties but is field ready based on research information obtained. Another Woods Bush Hog is available on E-Bay which is a Woods BW 1800 15' Flex Wing Bush Hog Rotary Cutter Mower for $12,900.00 based on research information. This Woods Bush Hog is new, unused in original packaging according to the advertisement. The cutting range is 2" to 15", transport width at skid is 96", overall length is 197" to 207", cutting width is 180" and overall width is 189" based on information obtained.

They offer 3 models capable of reaching from 14' to 18' from the middle of the tractor. Two available cutting heads make and allow you to choose from flail heads capable of mowing either grass or brush up to 2 in diameter, or sickle bar cutters that specialize in mowing and trimming hedges. Our dependable, is good, rugged boom mowers are a valuable management tool for towns, cities, landowners and farmers and with acreage.